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What causes general electronic cigarette explosion? How to properly use the electronic cigarette?

According to their own experience for many years to share notes of electronic cigarettes. The correct use of electronic cigarette’s main points:

1.Prevent short circuit;

2.Away from the high-temperature source.

Away from the heat source is better understood, for example: Avoid battery loaded electronic cigarette equipment put in the hot sun for long time; Avoid being thrown into the fire……

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

Like all details below:
1.Use the battery of high quality, do not use the broken skin cell.

Use the cells surrounded by a layer of insulating plastic wrapped. If this coat is broken, the metal shell battery comes into contact with the inner wall of metal battery, the battery will cause a short circuit.

2.Newbees are better choose the box mods with board,mech mods are not recommended.

Mech mods don’t have short circuit protection,once the short circuit happens,it will contact the postive side and negative side of battery at the same time,the battery will release tremendous energy at the moment, is likely to fire or explosion. And nowadays the box mods have the short-circuit protection, if the short circuit happens, the mod will not work or explode.Newbees do not know much about what is mechmod,and its better to ask experienced people before buying anything.

3.Do not build the coils that ohms too low.

Some vapers may use the supper low ohms coils for higher watts and bigger clouds. That kind of coils will cost over load amps that can make batteries over heat,catch on fire or even explode.That’s not safe, nor good for the mod’s life.Better not make the single coil’s ohm lower than 0.1.

Vapers who like build by themselves better get some basic knowledge of physics. For example, the output current of battery is 40A, we can use the formula: voltage / current = resistance, 3.7V/40A = 0.1 ohms, So the resistance limit theory for this battery is 0.1ohm.

4.When use the rebuildable RTA/RDA,check the distance between coils and base after wicking to prevent the short circuit.

5.Before using the new ecig you just bought,make sure there’s no metal fragments around the 510 connector.

We know that the postive side of 510 connector is in the center, the negative side is around the center,devided with insulator.During the production, metal fragments may cover on the 510 connector that are hard to clean off.Those fragments can cost short circuit.

Finally,suggest you to choose the high quality products not the cheap ones. At present, there are tons of ecigmanufacturers,quality are different among them.Use the products from top brands are highly recommended.

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

How to prevent the short circuit phenomenon?

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