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L&F Mech Mod Kit

Product Description:

  • Kit: 121mm*25mm
  • MOD: 82.7mm*25mm
  • T2 Copper (C110 ETP 99.98% Copper, 0.02% Oxygen), Top grade copper for ecig use
  • Hybrid top
  • Pattern etched processing
  • Surface treatment: compression moulding, passivation and Glazed
  • Retro Magnetic firing button
  • Deep engraved tube & button
  • Safety feature: Unique embedded POM explosion-proof tube
  • Silver plated contact pin
  • RDA: 42.7mm*25mm
  • Wide bore driptip
  • Unique posts design
  • Deep juice well
  • Silver plated contact pin
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Product name: World’s first T2 Copper Mech Mod Kit L&F
Place of Origin: California, United States
Brand Name: Blitz Enterprises
Model Number: L&F Mech Mod kit
Material: T2 Copper
RDA: 7mm*25mm
Mod: 7mm*25mm
Contact pin: Silver plated
Drip tip: Hybrid top
Thread: 510 Thread
Feature: Unique embedded POM explosion-proof tube
Skype: szeastersales01

love and fight mech mod kit


Multiple protections built into the chipset such as low voltage protection, atomizer short protection, charging protection, and over puffing protection. With these important features implemented into this product, users can feel safe every time they use this product.

Charging Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Atomizer Short Protection

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