Documentary You Don’t Know Nicotine Attracts Over 1100 Kickstarter Contributors

Aaron Biebert, the director behind the award-winning documentary A BILLION LIVES, is back with a new project, YOU DON’T KNOW NICOTINE. Biebert, who neither smokes nor vapes, is nonetheless a supporter of the public health movement to truthfully inform adult smokers of the truth about nicotine. With his new project, he is hoping to understand why misunderstandings about nicotine exist, and what can be done to promote a better understanding of nicotine in order to save lives.

The project was already set for production, but in order to bring extra value to the film, Biebert took to Kickstarter for additional production funds. The fundraiser is now closed with an astounding $108,598 being raised from 1,112 backers. This made it the “most backed” Kickstarter film from Wisconsin in the website’s history.

To say the least, we are looking forward to this film.

Aaron also recently took to the streets to ask regular people what they know about nicotine. Sadly, the answers reveal exactly why YOU DON’T KNOW NICOTINE is being made.

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