Former Mass. AG Joins JUUL

Former Massachussets state Attorney General Martha Coakley has joined the roster of JUUL Labs.

This is a natural progression from her role as a partner at law firm Foley Hoag, where JUUL was one of her primary clients in a consulting role.

JUUL states that Coakley’s skills will be applied to the tasks of handling government affairs and educating the public on the steps JUUL is taking to combat underage use of their products. Said Coakley:

“I believe in JUUL Labs’ commitment to eliminate combustible cigarettes, the number one cause of preventable death in our country, and to combat youth usage. JUUL has an incredible opportunity to switch adult smokers and I look forward to working with stakeholders from the private and public sectors as we fulfill that mission and prevent youth from ever using vapor products like JUUL.”

Meanwhile, the predictable motley crew of those who insist that JUUL should “do something” — in complete disregard of the evidence of all that JUUL is already doing — to stem the tide of adolescents doing what adolescents do, which is to rebel against authority, have spoken up to demand yet again that JUUL somehow compel teenagers to not behave like teenagers. Presumably, parents of teenagers watched timidly from the sidelines.

According to Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health:

“Juul needs to do something to try to keep these products out of the hands of youth and they need to take some serious action. And I hope that [Coakley] can help figure out what would help to stem the tide of this epidemic.”


*This article is reprinted from VAPE News Magazine.